All our staffs are vaccinated for Covid - More Updates on COVID-19

To ensure the health & safety of our guests and staff, we at Hablis Hotel Chennai have taken the following measures.

  • All our staff members have been vaccinated.
  • Hablis Hotel Chennai has limited the number of staff operating at the hotel. Our staff have been accommodated at the hotel itself to ensure they do not travel for work and thereby eliminating the risk of catching or spreading COVID- 19. 
  • Hand sanitizers are placed on every floor and at every public area, enabling guests and staff to keep themselves sanitized every now and then.
  • Precautions and safety measures are put up on boards in the public areas to keep guests and staff members well informed, and create the highest level of awareness about COVID-19.
  • Every new guest is being screened for basic symptoms of COVID -19 on arrival, to ensure that they do not have or spread the virus.
  • Pandemic etiquette (maintaining social distance between individuals, avoiding handshakes, coughing into the elbow etc.) is being thoroughly enforced and is followed by all team members. Guests are regularly reminded to follow the same.
  • Reckless disregard by individuals for the safety of others is strictly discouraged and thoroughly monitored to maintain a healthy atmosphere.
  • Team members are available 24/7 for any special requests made by guests, ensuring our guests feel safe and are comfortable during their stay at Hablis Hotel Chennai.