We get you some of the buzzing events around the city which are in close vicinity to our business hotel near Chennai airport. Make your time in the city more productive, pleasing and meaningful by picking the one that interests you!


A place that portrays the culture and tradition of four states in South India - Chennai, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala, that dates back to the 18th century. From painting on a palm leaf and trying your hand at origami to watching an enticing dance performance, there is no paucity of amusement here. 

Dakshinchitra near Hablis Hotels Chennai
Marina Beach near Hablis Hotels Chennai

Marina Beach

Few kilometers away from the Hotel lies Marina Beach, the second largest urban beach in the world. Slumbering in its blue robe, it is the perfect place to recharge if you’re looking for an outlet. The slurpy slapping of the sea would soothe your senses and the streams of tapered light splaying out will leave you speechless.


Kapaleeshwarar Temple 

An exemplary example of the Dravidian-style architecture. Standing tall with its bewitching beauty, it blends extravagant opulence and awe-inspiring elegance. The temple is dedicated o Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati, and the temple conjoins both the spiritual and religious worlds to reflect the vivacious culture of the city.


Kapaleeshwar Temple near Hablis Hotels Chennai
Mahabalipuram near Hablis Hotel Chennai


A place that gives you a peek into history is filled with art and architecture. Legend has it that it was named after King Mahabali, who once ruled this place. It is believed that there was once seven temples, of which six are now submerged under the sea and hence it is popularly known as the “Lost City.”


ITC Grand Chola

With the blend of historical and modern architecture, ITC Grand Chola marks the tribute to Southern India's greatest empires – The Imperial Cholas. Situated close to many key areas of Chennai, it attracts a variety of guests. The hotel has 600 luxurious accommodation facilities ranging from an area of 38 square meters to 407 square meters.

ITC Grand Chola near Hotel in Chennai
IITMmensa, Hablis Hotel, Best Hotel In Guindy

Indian Institute of Technology- Madras

IIT Madras is a top-ranking institute for higher technological education and research. It was inaugurated in 1959. The 250-hectare campus houses 550 faculty, 8000 students, and 1250 administrative & supporting staff. This restigious institute is located around 7 kilometers from Hablis Hotel Chennai.

Chennai Trade Center

The Chennai Trade Center is just a 5-minute drive away from Hablis Hotel. With an area of around 10,560 square meters and centralized air conditioning facility, the centre can accommodate about 15000 people. A host for several trade fairs and conventions around the year, the center has three large Exhibition Halls and a Convention Centre which are inter-linked and connected for easy access.

TCS Siruseri Building, Hablis Hotel
Anna University near Hablis Hotel Chennai

Anna University

Named after Late Dr.C.N. Annadurai, the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Anna University was established on 4th September 1978. The University has its main campus in Chennai and offers all the courses in engineering and technology. This place is located around 7 kilometres from Hablis Hotel Chennai.

The many attractions of Chennai are located in close proximity to Hablis Hotel Chennai, making it one of the best hotels in Chennai for leisure guests and corporate travellers. Experience the myriad shades of Chennai, from traditional temples to contemporary marvels, all during your stay at our Guindy hotel.