Hello. Wake up to the new happy and healthy way to hospitality the Hablis way. No more of the plastic and impersonal interface, we have reinterpreted the H in hospitality to denote healthy, happy and holistic. We are a place that inspires you to discover a new dimension ofbalanced lifestyle through our experience.


To start with, you will enjoy our hospitality that combines the goodness of a healthy diet, delivered out of a creative and delightful culinary experience. Step up to a world of active and relaxing wellness to tune your body, or wind down to music and meaningful conversations. Join us as we embark on a journey that will transform you, mentally, physically and socially.




Stay, eat, play & enjoy your way to wellness. We are your companion and guide as we encourage you to relax, rejuvenate, rebalance and recreate the synergy of mind, body and social positivity. We can help you calm the mind, focus on your key priorities and open your heart to new experiences. Everything we do here is rooted in creating an experience of healthy stay, food, play and active wellness.




We understand your need for your own space – physically and in the mind where, you feel motivated, empowered and pampered - a place where you can be you. A true luxury that seeks freedom beyond packaged creature comforts and indulgence. The flexibility to do things you love – to keep you positive, healthy and happy defines our approach to hospitality.



Our Belief

Wellness is the true energizer of the soul, the perfect union of mind, body and social. It need not always be a regimented discipline, but more a conscious and happy way of living. It is not just about attaining fitness goals but a journey to overall Happiness. The joy of health is more important than the rigor of health !


We aim to share and promote our philosophy of joyous wellness through our hospitality in a holistic balanced approach to Mind, Body and Social Well-being. We believe in working with the mind to adopt a healthy belief system and to practice mindfulness in all you do. A combination of personalized healthy food, creative approach to fitness and rejuvenation techniques will transform the way you view your body and make you more adaptable to your lifestyle. It is imperative to have a healthy social interaction to offset the increased instances of technology that is replacing human interaction. We believe in a truly offline social network where you thrive, grow and evolve to the real you.



Our life. Hab•life.

Today’s fast paced lifestyle, with its inherent dynamics, take a toll on the constitution of the human body at multiple levels. World over, individuals and communities have woken up to the need to maintain a balanced happy lifestyle with a combination of exercise, diet, rest and recreation, that keeps the energy positive and productive. Our unique proposition ‘Hab•life’ which works towards healthy transformation of body, mind and the social aspect of an individual’s growth.


Traditional methods attempt this at piecemeal basis, often delivering fragmented results due to focusing on specificfacets and thereby losing traction with the engagement towards a larger goal.

We at Hablis believe that self-motivation and dedication will only arise from enjoying the process than rigorous disciplining. This philosophy is the guiding principle behind the conception of our proposition Hab•life; apromiseof relaxation, wellness and culinary discourse that works towards unlocking your energies and maximizing your potential.

  • Stay Healthy /
  • Eat Healthy /
  • Play Healthy
  • Live Healthy

Where your holistic wellness takes precedence over all. The world of Hablis ensures that every personal need is taken care of so that you can focus on doing what you do best. Wake up to happiness at Hablis.

We believe in creating fresh, wholesome and delicious meals across cuisines and regions, that leave you feeling stimulated and invigorated. We also cater to all your dietary needs and requirements.

Where your holistic wellness takes precedence over all. The world of Hablis ensures that every personal need is taken care of so that you can focus on doing what you do best. Wake up to happiness at Hablis.

At Hablis we focus on creating stimulating and enlivening programs that leave you motivated and refreshed. - choose your time, type and routine, or let us advise a routine that suits you best. Welcome to feeling zestful.