Experience Mindful Living At Our Hotel in Guindy, Chennai

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Mindfulness can be defined as the “non-judgemental, moment to moment awareness” that emerges when one is, open and receptive in the present moment, engaging in direct observation and taking multiple perspectives. The essence of mindfulness is flexibility and presence.

Leading a ‘happy life’ is the objective of every individual. Happiness as a sentiment might sound humble but we know maintaining a constant state of happiness is not practical. True and constant happiness comes only with wisdom. Wisdom is when we have a greater understanding of the consequences of our thoughts and actions that enable us to behave in a more loving and harmonious way. True happiness emerges out of this wisdom, which gradually leads us to a mindful way of living, making happiness our constant state. We believe and propagate this to our guests to seek permanent happiness which makes us one of the top hotels in Chennai and heaven who are seeking a retreat experience. Experience an unparalleled retreat experience during your blissful stay at our hotel in Guindy.

Reach us to know more on our journey toward a mindful way of living! Meanwhile, check how mindful you are with the following tools.