Herbal Mixology To Give A Toast To Your Health!

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It is difficult to blend the contrasts. Like the health and alcohol. However, here is a strategy which lets you unwind making you feel a bit nourished. Thanks to herbal cocktails! What a mixology to give a toast to your health!
Mint, Coriander, Basil, Rosemary, Cilantro, Shiso and name any herbs, all contain incredible medicinal qualities that make your drink wholesome and extra delicious. Whether they are muddled, infused or simply snipped, fresh herbs gives an amazing twist and fixes a hale and hearty cocktail for you.

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Herbs are rich in anti-oxidants and help in combating the side effects of cell damaging free radicals. When mint helps in digestion, relief from nausea, depression, fatigue and headache, coriander is  wonderful source of dietary fiber, manganese, iron and helps in relieving indigestion and fight high cholesterol levels. Rosemary is globally renowned for its anti-bacterial and anti-aging properties. It also stimulates circulation and improves mood which makes it a best mate to blend with the alcohol.
Seems like, Hablis, the five star hotel near Chennai Airport has mastered this strategy to beautifully blend the contrasts to ensure their customers are catered with essential fun without compromising much on their health. The Moon and Sixpence, the only Irish pub in the city located inside the Hablis Hotel provides 10 different varieties of signature herbal cocktails that are refreshing and enthralling. Speaking on these signature cocktail recipes of ‘The Moon and Sixpence’, the celebrity bartender Hemanth Mundkur, who was in the pub recently said, “India is native to many exotic herbs and we are very flavourful. Whenever I do my sessions, I do use more and more coriander, basil leaves, mint, and curry leaves. Even rosemary is picking up, but exploring local ingredients is a trend now”. Following this trend, The Moon and sixpence ensures to source the local herbs to give fresh, natural, unadulterated and native taste to the drink.

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The famous herbal cocktail recipes of  Themoonand Sixpence are ‘Made in India’ and ‘Go Green’.

Made in India consists of grey goose vodka, Cucumber, Lime Juice and Mint leaves, which is shaken to the right mixture and served in a coupe glass. With every sip you wonder how deliciously French has blent with Indian-ness!

Go green is another sought after herbal cocktail of the pub, which is made up with the idyllic combination of Bacardi, fresh celery, lime juice and palm sugar which is served in Martini glass.  With a perfect twist of sour, sweet and bitter tastes, ‘Go Green’ makes you go gaga over the party!
Ensure to grab a glass of fun and health when you are at our business hotel in Chennai next time!