Mindful Cuisine and Meaningful Facilities At Hablis - A Business Hotel Near Chennai Trade Centre

It’s true! You are what you eat. Food shapes not just your physique but also your mental and emotional self. Quince, dates and elderberries can enhance your mood, lettuce and chicory can work as tranquilizers, and apples, pomegranates, beef and eggs might stimulate your cupid’s mind. It seems, Hablis Hotel, the Five Star Hotel in Chennai on its mission in promoting urban wellbeing has understood it right. Hence the food which is cooked and served here ensures an elevating experience that energizes every human being to feel empowered.

Plate of food and red wine glasses at Hablis Hotel, Chennai

The hotel ensures all the ingredients are sourced locally, naturally and fresh and takes extra care to avoid frozen, canned, processed or microwave food. The executive chef, who adorns the designation as ‘Wellness Chef’; experiments every day in bringing innovative and transformative ideas into the science of cooking. This has resulted in Hablis abstaining from the conventional unhealthy cooking methods of deep frying and other unhealthy cooking practices. Instead, they rely more on steaming, simmering and sous-vide preparation methods, which unlock the energies to the maximum potential of every ingredient. Being corrupted by the popular belief that healthy foods are not tasty, after dining at Hablis, you wonder can food that promotes health can be this tasty too?

Hablis comprises of four major food and beverage outlets which are themed uniquely to cater to different native and global tastes to foodies. The rooftop restaurant; Hablife Novella themed with Fresh, Fusion and Futuristic concept, provides a perfect fusion of west-east European and pan Asian cuisines. Nestled in the rooftop it is an oasis of calm and serenity. The food is prepared here with consciousness and served with care.  ‘The Spice’, is an exclusive Indian and pan-Asian restaurant at the ground floor, which is themed with Sizzling, Sensual and Signature spice dishes. The table which is decorated with exotic spices will intimidate and invite one to explore them. The spice powders used for the cooking at ‘The Spice’ are prepared in house to avoid any kind of adulterations. The restaurant also features 43 different varieties of exotic spice powders with recipe cards, which enables the guest to take home a jar of taste and wellness.

As you enter the Level one of the hotel, an irresistible breeze caresses with strong smell of Irish coffee. A happening pub in the city, ‘The Moon and Sixpence’ (MASP) is nested here, which is the only authentic Irish Pub in the city. Built and shipped from Ireland, the decor at MASP entices the Irish in you. Here where, a novel experiment has slowly begun in promoting alternative cigarettes made up with herbs! Truly and strongly giving out a message for the guest that, “we seriously care for your health”. Hence, here ‘Smoking is innocuous to health’! The best part is alternatives come as a choice and comfort and an aesthetically designed regular smoking zone also been provided for the convenience of habitual smokers.

The Hearth; a warm, healthy Cafe juxtaposed in the corner of the lounge is another active place where the hotel has ensured to customise its brand value of promoting wellbeing!  The Cafe is themed around Brews, Miniature Snacks and interesting Pairings.  It features gluten free baked delicacies to club with your favourite hot beverage and hearty discussions. Here you also find carefully sourced healthy seeds, nuts and dry fruits which you can carry to snack up your day, when you are away from Hablis.

Don’t miss the chance to experience this urban wellbeing hotel next time when you are in the city. Otherwise you miss to experience ‘the change’ that enables you to celebrate life in the mindful way!