Topic - 5 Must-Visit Beaches in Chennai

The marvellous city of Chennai has plenty to offer - from street food to the many beautiful temples and churches, to bio-diverse natural parks, lakes and waterfalls. But for those who'd like to spend to spend a day at the beach, we recommend these beaches in Chennai.

Marina Beach

Marina Beach is among the most popular beaches in Chennai and firmly holds down its place among the must-visit beaches. It is the longest beach in India and ranks second among the longest beaches in the world. Crowds consisting of solo travellers, families frequent this beach to enjoy some quality time, while enjoying the cool sea breeze. If you take a short walk on the beach you can spot a charming lighthouse that provides a panoramic view of the beach, Chennai and its surroundings.

Besant Nagar Beach

Besant Nagar Beach is named after the British writer and first female president of the Indian National Congress, Annie Beasant. This is one of the best family beaches and it attracts both Indian and international tourists throughout the year. It is an arch-shaped beach that has recently gained the interest of many photographers and filmmakers and has served as a backdrop in major Tamil & Malayalam movies. This is one of the best beaches in Chennai and boasts incredible views.

Thiruvanmiyur Beach

Thiruvanmiyur Beach is a tranquil destination that often goes unnoticed by the travelling masses. Often referred to as Pebble beach, it is renowned for its peaceful surroundings that are perfect to enjoy some quietude with family and friends. A few well-known restaurants are also present in close proximity to the beach, making it ideal for modern travellers.

Santhome Beach

Santhome Beach is located a few kilometres away from the city of Chennai. It is a pristine beach that is best visited during the evenings. The waves here are relatively small and well suited for people who want to swim and splash around in the cerulean waters. One can enjoy a variety of water-based games at this beach. Tourists who visit can enjoy a variety of street foods, snacks and more that are sold on the beach.

Kovalam Beach

Kovalam Beach is located on the Coromandel Coast and is as popular as Marina Beach. Located about 40 kilometres from Chennai it is one of the must-visit beaches near Chennai. Partake in a number of water-based activities such as parasailing, paragliding, jet skiing, scuba diving and more when you visit this beach. You could also rent a beach bed and work up a tan or enjoy the gentle sea breeze.