Planning a Birthday Celebration in Chennai

Birthday parties are always a fun way to commemorate a new year in one’s life. Whether it is your first birthday or your 50th, each year is a milestone that must be celebrated. If you are someone who stays in Chennai or are planning for a destination birthday party in Chennai, you will be stunned to see the many large banquet halls and open venues the city has to offer!

Finding the ideal birthday party venue in Chennai is based on several factors. Apart from the size and aesthetics of the hall, cost plays an important factor too. Hence, small party halls in Chennai are perfect if you are on a budget and wish to celebrate the moment with a personal group. The city offers venues for all kinds of mood, whether it is a vibrant party inside a large banquet hall or a quiet one in an open space accompanied by music and delicious food.

Apart from the budget, you must also choose an event venue based on the number of guests. A party in an overcrowded hall will surely not be comfortable. There are various landmarks and hotels in Chennai that proffer big as well as dainty banquet halls for you to choose from.

An event hall with a table set up for dinner with a chandelier in the background
Birthday cake and other cupcakes set on a table with led lights in the background

If you are searching for a birthday party hall in Chennai, the city has multiple options for you. One of the best birthday party venues in the city is offered by Hablis Hotel. Strategically located in the heart of the city, the hotel is easily accessible to the nearby travel hubs, making it beneficial for guests. The hotel offers exquisite banquet halls for a grand birthday celebration in Chennai. Apart from the conference halls, the hotel also has an open terrace for you to hold an elegant rooftop party without any hassle.

The Lounge at Masp at Hablis, another steller event hall, features a private space with a bar counter - ideal for parties where you can indulge in alcoholic concoctions. It is an Irish-themed bar that makes every party more animated and fun! Guests can dance to their favourite tunes on the in-built dancefloor at the lounge as well as munch on delicious finger foods curated here.

An outside al fresco setting for an event during night time

Additionally, Quill Hall and Magnum Hall, the two lavish banquet halls, allow you to conduct extensive birthday parties and other arrangements. They come with a stage where you can organise live performances and other entertaining events. The dining spaces also help with the constant flow of food and drinks. The restaurants can be booked for a birthday dinner. After a long party, the hotel also provides top-notch accommodation for tired guests to rest.