Celebrating Pongal in Chennai

Pongal is a 4-day long Tamil festival celebrating the end of the winter solstice, heralding the arrival of the harvest season. It is celebrated at the beginning of the month of Thai/Tai. Offerings of boiled milk and sweets are made to appease the gods to ensure a bountiful harvest. Pongal refers to the sacrificial milk boiling over.

Here is a brief explanation of the events and celebrations you can expect while celebrating Pongal in Chennai.


Day One - Bhogi Pongal

Bhogi Pongal is dedicated to the family. At dawn, old furniture and other useless items are burned in a huge bonfire as a symbol of the passing away of the old, and the arrival of the new. This is very significant in the celebration of the Pongal festival in Chennai, marking the first day of Pongal.


Day Two - Surya Pongal

The second day of Pongal is called Surya Pongal. It is dedicated to the sun god Surya, thanking him for a good harvest. Religious events and ceremonies are held all over the city to celebrate day two of Pongal. Surya Pongal marks the first day of the month of Tai.

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Day Three - Mattu Pongal


Day three of Pongal is called Mattu Pongal. It is dedicated to the cattle who help plough the fields and provide fertilizer. The cattle are paraded and honoured, and the best food is offered to them in gratitude, for their help in the fields.

Day Four - Kaanum Pongal

The fourth day of Pongal is known as Kaanum Pongal. Kaanum translates to "see" or "will see". On Kaanum Pongal, celebrants visit friends and relatives. This is the most joyous occasion when family reunions are held and mass celebrations are held all over the state. Celebrating Pongal in Chennai is incomplete without this important event.


Pongal Thiruvizha at Chetpet Eco Park

The Pongal Thiruvizha at Chetpet Eco Park is one of the most widely celebrated Pongal events in Chennai. This is a celebration for the entire family, with games, cultural dance performances, plays and a whole host of other celebrations. There are stalls for a wide variety of food and games.

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