Best Time to Visit Chennai

Sea waves crashing against the shore

If you are planning a spiritual and soulful retreat in Southern India, Chennai is the place for you. Known as the "Gateway to South India", it is one of the few cities which has beautifully blended tradition and modernity. The city is best known for its stunning temples, scintillating beaches, soothing Carnatic music, and elegant Kanjeevaram sarees. Owing to its close proximity to the sea, this coastal town remains hot and humid for the most part of the year. The best season to visit Chennai is from October to February. When the cool breeze from the coasts combines with the aroma of the filter coffee, you are indeed in for a spell-binding moment. While the monsoons add a rustic tinge to the magnificent city, summers can be a little challenging at times.

Choosing the best month to visit Chennai can be confusing sometimes. In this blog, we have listed all the seasons in Chennai to help you decide the best time to visit this cultural capital!

Chennai in Winter (November to February)

After a sweltering summer, the mellow winter graces the coastal city with pleasant weather. Although the temperature ranges from 19°C to 30°C, it is still better when compared to other seasons. Travel in comfort while exploring the plethora of things Chennai has to offer. It is the best time to go on a walk along the pristine Puzhal Lake, Chembarambakkam Lake, and Korattur Lake or try out fishing in Barracuda Bay. If you wish to satiate your inner adventure enthusiast, try out enthralling water sports like scuba diving and surfing. The charming city is permeated with the festive air of Karthikai Deepam, Pongal, Travel and Tourist Fair, and Sivarathri. Be prepared to be blown away by magical performances presented in the Margazhi Festival of Dance and Music and Natyanjali Dance Festival which takes place in the months of December and January.

a view of ocean a few moment before the sunset

Winter also calls for sumptuous Tamil cuisine that you must not miss out on. Treat your taste buds to the deliciousness of the piping-hot Ven Pongal or a glass of warm Paruthi Paal. Chennai is dotted with scenic picnic spots like Muttukadu Lake, Covelong, and Poonga. Spend a lovely time with your family and friends in this serene ambience of Chennai!

image of a hindu temple decorated with vibrant colours during daytime

Chennai in Monsoon (July to September)

Monsoon transforms Chennai into an enchanting city. The temperature generally ranges between 23°C to 34°C. With every downpour, let your olfactory senses be pampered with the sweet smell of petrichor. However, the mysticism fades with the unpredictable nature of Chennai's monsoon. Due to its close proximity to the sea, the city receives harsh and heavy downpours every year. The low-lying roads often get flooded which can cause hindrances while travelling. However, if you have a tight budget, this is the perfect time for you. The tickets and accommodations are reasonably charged. Travelling outdoors can get challenging at times. You can peacefully explore beautiful indoor sites like museums, churches and temples in Chennai. In case it stops raining, head out to the beach and relish the tranquil atmosphere of the sea.

Chennai in Summer (March to June)

Summers in Chennai can get blistering hot with the temperature sometimes rising up to 42°C. The days tend to get too hot while evenings are more pleasant. If you are not used to the heat, stay indoors during the day and go out in the evening. Take a stroll along Marina Beach and Elliot's Beach or go on a shopping spree at Phoenix Marketcity and Express Avenue Mall. The Prarthana Beach drive-in theatre guarantees you a unique cinematic experience. If you are travelling to Chennai during this time of the year, make sure to stay hydrated and use protective gear before going out.

silhouette of palm tree during sunset

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