The Booming Industries of Chennai

Aerial view of a city

The industrial landscape of Chennai has changed dramatically over the past few generations. The industries in Chennai have bloomed gradually making the city a perfect place for business travellers. In the mid-1960s, the industrial Chennai was mostly dominated by family-owned businesses. Over the years, as a wave of technology surged across the countries, new-age entrepreneurs have started exploring businesses in several private sectors. In 1958, the city witnessed the growth of its first industrial estate.

From Ashok Leyland to Standard Motors, several prominent companies started manufacturing their products in Chennai. It was then when the industrial Chennai came to be known as the ‘Detroit of India'. In the automobile industry, Chennai is home to some of the world's best brands, including Ford, as well as 33% of the auto-parts industry.

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The IT sector

With the advent of information and technology, the industries in Chennai saw a major boost. Before the 1970s, IT companies were slowly setting up across the city. The industries in Chennai quickly adapted to the changing landscape of the IT boom in India. The 1990s saw the emergence of several Y2K companies. During the mid-1990s, Sify Technologies was born in Madras. In 1999, when TCS first moved to Chennai, a massive IT corridor was set up across the city. Due to the emergence of digital technologies such as cloud and security, Chennai today caters to a wider range of clients and business needs.

Infrastructure played a huge role

Cities run smoothly when they have a good infrastructure. As one of the most popular investment destinations, Chennai is well served by the city's transport and telecommunications infrastructure. As more and more business travellers arrive in Chennai, the city sees a surge in vehicles. A good network of roads and flyovers have helped to support the industries in Chennai. The metro rail running across the city has made travelling more affordable and convenient. Other key infrastructure elements like state and national highways, parks and water bodies have upgraded Chennai into an international city. As part of the city's social infrastructure, several libraries and community halls are also planned.

Graffiti on the wall of metro station in Chennai
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