Unique Incentives to be a Mindful Consumer Presented By Hablis - Luxury Business Hotel In Chennai

Lifestyle never caused a disease in the history, at least not until people started developing inappropriate relationship with their natural body and environment. The constant disconnect of the body from the conscious mind and breach of natural way of living with a fascination for neo-modern ‘mechanised’ lifestyle, has created a new genre of illness called ‘lifestyle diseases’. 

The onset of lifestyle diseases are insidious, they take years to develop, and once encountered do not lend themselves easily to cure. Therefore, good old much-preferred proverb of medicine, ‘prevention is better than cure’ goes well with lifestyle diseases. Maybe being well aware about the fate of ‘future’ renowned scientist, Thomas A. Edison once said, “The doctor of the future will give no medication, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, diet and in the cause and prevention of disease”. Indeed, lifestyle constitutes nothing but diet, way of living and choice of products to upkeep the survival of oneself.

Jars of food items and spices at Hablis hotel Chennai

Though one has the thought, attitude and interest towards embracing a mindful way of living and living in harmony with nature, often problem arises to source the products and services which appreciate this interests and offer such lifestyle options. Fortunately, world over, few business firms have woken up to the need to encourage and cater services to maintain a balanced happy lifestyle. Hablis Hotel, the exquisite restaurant, in Chennai has been propagating happy and healthier lifestyle through its business philosophy called ‘HabLife’. HabLife, essentially propagates mindful way of living by offering such products and services which are natural, holistic and reasonable.

Various jars of food items at Hablis Hotel, Chennai
Jars of food items and spices on a table at Hablis Hotel, Chennai

‘HabLife’ provides a range of products that are carefully created sourcing the natural ingredients, avoiding adulterations, artificial essence and colours. All products are prepared with most advanced, yet natural and healthy methods.  Some of the Hablife products worth exploring are;

Tea Infusion: 5 different varieties of teas made up with different herbs and green tea leaves such as hibiscus, eden rose, exotic Indian spices, lemongrass, ginger, mint and cinnamon. The combinations are arrived at after a thorough analysis on its impact on health and also ensuring the essential taste required for tea by the in-house ayurvedic doctor. The ingredients are sourced naturally from the chosen vendors and cultivators.  

Ready-to-Cook Powders: 43 different varieties of ready to cook spice powders which are made up with ingredients naturally sourced, mixed and ground to optimal level to provide the authentic taste and nourishing experience. The recipes are developed by the executive wellness chef of Hablis, who is exclusively trained in the preparation of wellness cuisine. This is also an effort to revive the old, lost taste of Indian traditional cuisines from across the country and these products are priced from Rs 100 to Rs 250. 

Exotic Spice Powders: Onion powder, spinach powder, yellow chilli powder, drumstick powder, tomato powder, curry leaf powder etc are often difficult to source. Provided their high nutrition and distinct taste, these powders make cooking a unique and nourishing experience.

Collection of merchandise sold at Hablis Hotel Chennai

Handmade Soap: Handmade soaps are made from handpicked essential oil and herb extracts to ensure holistic wellness, without any side effects. These soaps not give you a younger looking, nourished skin but also repair the damage that has been caused by pollution and hectic lifestyle. 

Seeds: Certain seeds are rich in nutrition but difficult to source in its original form retaining all the benefits. Hablis has sourced pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, melon seeds, charoli seeds, cucumber seeds and even clean peeled drumstick seeds, which are available in attractive pouches. They make a healthy snacking option. 

Eye Pillow: Infused with the aromatic effect of essential oils and filled with organic herbs and flax seeds, eye pillows available at Hablis, help in relaxing the stressed eyes and make a great companion to catch a ‘good night’s sleep.

It’s always great to carry back memory once we check out from any place and these products of ‘Hablife’, give us wonderful options to carry unconventional, healthy and quality products not only as souvenirs but also as wonderful gifts to our loved ones.