What kind of a traveller are you?

two travellers walking on a railway line

Over the years, the way we travel has changed dramatically, so much to the point where everything is now different. We’ve shifted from bullock carts and horse carriages to aeroplanes, trains and cars. The modern traveller no longer travels for the sake of travelling, he travels for the sake of getting taken aback by perpetual experiences to create memories that will live with him for an eternity. But one thing that remains unchanged through the time is the fact that people are different, and different people travel differently. We’ve listed down five types of people that you will most definitely meet on every single trip regardless of your destination.

The Hoarder
The stereotypical example of a traveller, a collector of all things, the one with a backpack that collects exquisite and exotic worldly goods to serve as an anchor in their memory for their days at the place. You can find them picking up souvenirs at the stores along the roads of the most happening places in the city or shelling out an exorbitant amount of money on artefacts at the antique stores in the fanciest parts of the city where most people can’t afford.

The Minimalist
There is only one rule to travel like a minimalist, if it doesn’t fit inside your backpack, it’s unnecessary. They believe in the freedom of travelling light, only with the bare minimum, carrying nothing but the essentials. These are the people that don’t believe in accumulating material wealth to attain happiness.

platter of Middle-Eastern food on table

The Wanderer
A modern-day traveller, a globetrotter or the lost soul with no real destination. The one who craves for adventure, not necessarily the adventurous sporty type, but on a quest to quench their thirst for new experiences. You could often find them pacing through the woods, on a hike or a trek, low-key sitting in a coffee shop all by themselves reading a book sipping on a cup of cappuccino, paragliding or jumping off a bridge with their legs tied to a pole. As much as they travel to escape from the negative traits of our everyday lives like worry, boredom, heartbreak, guilt or fear, they are thrill-seekers by heart, in search of mind-boggling events that will give them an adrenaline rush making them feel like they’re flying.

The Foodie
These are the people that are on a constant hunt to experience the local delicacies that can’t be found back at home. You can find these people experimenting and enjoying the cuisines that are foreign to them, either in the form of street food or a fancy meal at a fine dining restaurant, where the locals eat. However, where you can’t find them is the nearby McDonald’s or the local Starbucks. These people aren’t scared to put anything into their mouth, be it a deviled egg, blood sausages or a slimy octopus that’s still alive, they’d bite into it for the mere satisfaction that comes along with trying something new.

The Pilgrim
A worshipper of God who can be found in the holy places and shrines. The pilgrims are the religious type that gets fascinated by the architecture of the temples, churches and mosques and admire the beauty of the sculptured idols. They typically belong to the elder generation usually on a religious trip to disappear into the experience of supplicating their needs to higher energy.

Different people from different parts of the world come together, meet each other and form a bond that may not have been possible otherwise. The friends we make, the relationships we create are what makes travelling a beautiful experience. Share with us your travel story along with what type of traveller you are in the comments below.

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