Souvenirs From Chennai for Your Loved Ones

A holiday is not complete without bringing back some souvenirs, and buying pretty knick knacks for your loved ones. This holds true for vacations at the much-loved city of Chennai as well, one of the oldest and most beautiful metropolises of India.

Chennai never disappoints, and that holds true for shopping enthusiasts as well. Even when taking an extended vacation across Tamil Nadu, a stop at the capital is recommended, for you will find the best things to buy in Chennai.

Chennai is an ancient city, and its traditions and heritage are reflected in its handicrafts. In the local shops of Thyagaraya Nagar, Georgetown and Panagal Park, you will find traditional products like Pattamara mats, exquisite metal works from Thanjavur and stone carvings from Mamallapuram, which are some of the best souvenirs from Chennai, to take back as gifts or as a reminder of your trip.

a close up image of Stacks of colourful sarees at a shop

George Town, for good reason, is a crowded market in Chennai. Famous things to buy here include everything from stunning decor options made from bronze and brass castings and traditional Kumbakonam jewelry to intricate leaf handicrafts that are a speciality of the Tirunelveli region and the much-revered silk sarees of Kanchipuram. The best part of buying these gifts and souvenirs from Chennai, is that you always get a good bargain, especially if you have a guide who speaks the local language. The shopping experience at George Town is simply amazing because of the sheer variety on offer.

Pondy Bazar is another market where you will be spoiled for choice. If you are looking for delightful gifts, Tanjore paintings, Tanjore dancing dolls, the famous terracotta figurines and bronze ornaments are some of the best things to buy from Chennai. This well-established city, known for its century-old temples, is also famous for its sandalwood products and Sambrani - a kind of hand resin that is known for its calming fragrance. Let’s not forget the highlight of the show - silk garments! Sowcarpet, Godown Street and Nalli are the best places to buy silk in Chennai. You can find silk sarees, garments, stoles and other items at much lesser prices.

a black and white image of a woman holding a bamboo basket
a close up image of Surya Mukh
Assorted junk jewellery kept on a table for sale

When enveloped by the innate charm of Chennai, it is almost impossible that you leave without a memento of your time at this beautiful place. A few packs of filter coffee if not anything else! Complete your totally-Madrasi experience with a stay at Hablis Hotel in Guindy, which is close to the airport and offers easy access to all the important markets in Chennai. Our elegant and comfortable rooms are perfect for relaxing after a busy day of shopping, and our friendly services accentuate your stay. We also offer guided shopping tours in Chennai on request.