Hablis Hotel Chennai Offers Tips On How To Make Your Travel Experience Unique

Traveling can be described as a recharge to the mind, body and soul, a time to disconnect from our hectic work schedule, daily stress and everyday trouble, to look at the world through a different pair of glasses. We get into the aeroplane, looking out the window we could see buildings so tall they could reach the sky, a breathtaking view of the ocean, and serrating mountains looming at a distance. We arrive at the airport, take out our smartphones, book an Uber and pick up a tall latte at the local Starbucks on the way to our hotels. At the hotel, we do our usual check-in, freshen up and go about our day. We have it all planned out and know exactly what we’re going to get. There is no room for surprises and there is no getting swept off the feet with awe-inspiring experiences. Everything is static and spontaneity doesn’t stand a chance.

Aeroplane flying in the sky with the sun's rays showing from the clouds

Isn’t travel supposed to be an inspiring, persuasive and galvanising experience that we would want to tell stories about to our grandchildren? Isn’t it about indulging in some scrumptious local cuisine, truly experiencing the local culture, meeting new people and detoxing from all things digital? In short, travelling is about becoming one with the locals to experience the city as it is meant to be. What better way to experience the local culture than to start with the food. Whether, it is a parmesan creme brûlée and praline ice cream or the humble “thayir vada” that your heart desires, we’ve got you covered. With over a hundred dishes available across two restaurants, a cafe and the city’s only Irish bar, variety is not a second option.

A table full of indian delicacies as seen from above

Kick back, relax and rejuvenate on a lousy evening in the in-house wellness club available on the rooftop. Burn out some extra calories and get the heart rate up with the dry and aqua fitness zones. Located in the heart of the city at Guindy, Hablis is easily accessible from every nook and corner. Whether it is the Marina beach or the Santhome church, it is just a 30-minute drive away. India has been the home to many mindfulness and spiritual practices like yoga, pranayama etc. We believe in the importance of being mindful and becoming wise to understand the consequences of our thoughts and actions to attain eternal happiness. Keep stress at bay and live in the present to capture the moment with our mindfulness practices.

A woman practising a yoga pose in front of a temple

Doesn’t matter if you’re travelling alone, with a loved one, friends or family, it is important to pick the right hotel for a truly magnificent experience. Come enjoy our royal experience at the top hotel near Chennai Airport. Whether it is a weekend trip or a weeklong one, Hablis Hotel Chennai is your one true destination.