The Moon and Sixpence - Beyond Bacon, Burger and Beer.

Exterior view of the moon and six pence at Hablis Hotel, Chennai

The foamy meniscus of the lager floats a good centimetre before the liquor touches your lips and its full-bodied taste seeps into your mouth, while you nibble away some scrumptious treats. The fresh and effervescent tasting brew paired with the glorious combination of grease, crunch and saltiness is perfect to embrace the sweltering heat of summer. Replete with tall stools and cosy chairs, it reflects a soothing ambience that seems lively and uninterrupted and educes an old-world charm, setting the right tone to strike up a sparkling conversation. The Moon and Sixpence is a unique Irish pub in Chennai and offers a breath of fresh air amidst the almost identical pubs that flood the city, a peace accord for the beer-enthusiast, a recharge outlet for the overworked and an ideal destination to unwind, free from all the hoopla and hullabaloo of daily life.

Interior view of the moon and six pence at Hablis Hotel, Chennai

The expansive beer menu offers over 23 options to choose from, that will most definitely satisfy master cicerones and novices alike. The never-ending list of Irish cocktails and concoctions are perfect for anyone who’s trying to experience authentic Irish, without spending an exorbitant amount of cash. The elegant smoking lounge will entice you to burn a smoke and for those concerned about the unnecessary baggage that is entailed with smoking, can choose from our extensive list of cigarettes made from herbs. Embark on a tasteful journey with the culinary wizardry of our master chefs (one could argue that art of turning simple ingredients into lip-smacking delicacies has been perfected at The Moon and Sixpence).

Doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a place to kick back after work or to let loose after a stressful week, The Moon and Sixpence at Hablis Hotel Chennai, has everything you could ever think of. Be it a low-key night out or happening evening, The Moon and Sixpence is your one true destination.

Books in a brownish red bookshelf at Hablis Hotel, Chennai